Road Traffic

For Individuals

Many today are totally reliant upon their ability to drive for both personal and commercial reasons. The loss of a licence can be devastating, unfortunately it can be very easy to find yourself in that situation. A person can lose their licence either because of a mandatory disqualification or through the accumulation of penalty points resulting in a disqualification. If any attempt is made to drive thereafter then a very serious offence is committed.

Saunders Solicitors Ltd. has a long and proud tradition of helping people in these types of cases. Whilst many solicitors will tell you that they do these types of cases Saunders Solicitors can say that we truly are specialists with a wealth of experience.

Our lawyers have acted in a whole range of cases including those where people have lost their lives on the roads, through allegations of alcohol related driving offences to cases of careless driving and driving at excess speed. The list is almost endless.

Not all cases are the same and the level of assistance and advice necessary varies according to the circumstances of the case and the individuals involved. Saunders Solicitors can provide advice and assistance at a very early stage. Sometimes intervention or gathering evidence at this time can have a profound effect and improve your chances in being successful in the outcome of the case.


Gary Bromelow