Criminal Litigation

For Individuals

Saunders Solicitors have a long and proud tradition of success in criminal defence, and are recognised as a leader in our field. We offer the highest quality service through our team of specialist solicitors, and are known for out fearless commitment, meticulous preparation and command of the law.

In all instances we allocate one lawyer to each case, who provides the continuity that clients need. We give our clients a service that is personal to them. We recognise that at times of stress clients do not want to be dealing with a different person every time they call or come into the office.

We are particularly known for dealing with serious, complex and often High Profile cases.


Under the modern legal system there are more prosecutions for murder or manslaughter than ever before. Saunders Solicitors have a wealth of experience in defending these cases, including issues involving multi-handed cases, youth offenders, mental illness or impairment, contract killings, fatal road traffic accidents and cases where family members are accused.

Drugs Offences

Allegations concerning the supply of drugs are treated very seriously by the courts and can result in lengthy prison sentences and confiscation proceedings. It is vital that anyone accused of such an offence has proper representation and advice from the outset of their case.

Saunders Solicitors have extensive experience in defending drugs allegations, particularly large scale importation and conspiracy to supply cases. We regularly act in international and nationwide cases and have expertise in cases involving complex telephone evidence and covert surveillance material.

Confiscation, Restraint and Forfeiture proceedings often run alongside Fraud prosecutions. As this is a particular specialism of the firm, we are distinguishable from others in our ability to provide a comprehensive advice package on all aspects of your case.


Saunders Solicitors also take appeals to the Court of Appeal and beyond, or by way of Judicial Review to the High Court, even if we did not represent you in the original proceedings. These challenges have created English Legal Precedents in sentencing, DNA profiling, confiscation, extradition, bail and sexual offences.

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