SRA Investigations

For Businesses

As a practice we have a level of niche expertise almost unrivalled in dealing with the SRA in investigations and interventions in legal practices. We have dealt with senior staff at Director and Partner level in law firms who find themselves in the difficult position of having to answer to their regulator.

SRA interventions and Breaches of the Code of Conduct can have serious consequences. A solicitor or any other person working for a regulated firm can be liable to disciplinary investigations, proceedings and sanctions. For any firm or individual contacted by the SRA it is vital to engage at an early stage.

Speed of action, discretion and expertise are all necessary to ensuring that a favourable outcome is reached. Law firms and their leaders can find themselves facing all types of issues with their regulator and we have obtained very favourable outcomes when consulted in these cases.

We can assist you from the outset, by providing written representations during an investigation, negotiating a settlement and appealing a decision. In the event that the matter is referred to the Solicitors Disciplinary Tribunal, can defend those proceedings.

If you or your firm are subject to investigation contact us as soon as possible, our advice at an early stage may well make significant difference to the outcome.

We also assist other Individuals facing sanctions by their regulator – details can be found on our Individual Services Regulatory page.


Gary Bromelow