Border Force & HM Revenue and Customs

For Individuals

Individuals may face separate proceedings and sanctions from their employer when suspected of wrong doing by Borderforce and Customs. It is therefore important that you receive proper legal advice when facing such action.

Saunders Solicitors can assist at the very outset with advice and representation in any interview that takes place, by making representations on an individuals behalf on sanctions and by defending any ensuing prosecution.

There are not many solicitors practices who can say that they have never failed to have a seized vehicle restored to its owner. Saunders Solicitors can say that. This proud record has continued unabated now for several years of acting for hauliers and commercial vehicle operators when Border Force have seized their vehicles for alleged smuggling. We have also helped clients who have had their initial restoration attempts made either by themselves or other solicitors refused.

We have achieved this enviable level of success by working meticulously to have your valuable vehicles restored. Incidences have included both overt and hidden loads of tobacco and alcohol from European destinations.

Saunders Solicitors have also assisted clients in HM Revenue and Customs cases involving charges for unpaid duty on goods that have previously been seized. This highly technical area of law is challenging for individuals to understand and obtain a favourable outcome in.

Using methods built up with experience, dedication and hard work we have consistently achieved success in having vehicles restored and condemnations fought. Moving rapidly to secure proper advice is key to a swift and favourable result so please contact us the moment the vehicle is stopped.


Gary Bromelow