Fleet Road Traffic

For Businesses

We can offer real expertise in representing commercial fleet operators facing road traffic prosecutions. A major concern for all businesses that operate vehicles is these not being on the road and generating revenue. There are a number of reasons that this can happen, vehicles can be stopped and taken off the road when they have faults on them, they can also be seized when it is driven inconsiderately, is being used without insurance or the driver does not have the proper licence to allow them to operate the vehicle.

Drivers who drive as part of a commercial organisation are also of course subject to the same laws that apply to other road users as well as specific laws applying to commercial operators. They too can be prevented from driving based upon a mandatory, discretionary or points based disqualification. Also there is a power to have points put on the personal driving licences of company officers where offences have been committed by company vehicles even though they were not driving them at the time.

We can help in all of these circumstances in acting for the company, its officers or individual employed drivers.

We can also assist with Goods Vehicle Operator Licensing. We have acted for all types of commercial organisations including goods vehicle fleets operators, private hire vehicles and limited companies. We have also assisted private hire drivers and taxi drivers.


Gary Bromelow