Confiscation, Forfeiture and Restraint

For Individuals

There are wide ranging powers for the government to restrain, forfeit or confiscate assets as part of a criminal investigation. These powers stretch to information gathering and requiring the production of documents over many years. Failure to pay can result in a lengthy prison sentence.

This is a highly specialised area of law. At Saunders Solicitors we have lawyers with leading expertise in this field, who are able to advise and assist as part of defending a criminal prosecution, or in stand alone cases.

We advise parties affected by another persons confiscation proceedings as to how best to defend their interests in assets.

Saunders Solicitors regularly act in Enforcement and Cash Seizure hearings in the Magistrates Court and in appealing or varying confiscation orders. We can assist you even if we were not the lawyers you used when you were made subject to any order by the court.

Even after an order is made it may be that somebody then faces enforcement of any unpaid element of the order. Our lawyers can help here too by advising and where necessary representing in Court.

Saunders Solicitors expertise in this technical area is invaluable to our clients facing regulatory, financial or serious criminal allegations.


Callum Haddow