Christopher Judson


Christophen Judson – Saunders Solicitors

A highly experienced and skilled lawyer and advocate with over 20 years PQE. Advocacy experience as a Higher Courts Advocate has seen me lead cases as varied as attempted murder and serious drugs conspiracy dealing with what was at the time the biggest series of cannabis factories in the UK. This was a 3 month trial in Court one at the Old Bailey. Also conducted successful defences on cases including a million pound boiler room fraud and conspiracy to rob. Currently instructed on a very large scale people trafficking and modern slavery case with numerous defendants and complainants.

Additionally I have established a speciality in the field of road traffic cases. Skills in this area have meant numerous drivers retaining their licence or facing much shorter disqualifications than would otherwise have been imposed. Some of these have been high profile individuals to whom it was important to show tact and discretion. Good recent track record arguing special reasons on a drink drive and successful exceptional hardship argument meaning a driver retained licence even though he had exceeded 12 penalty points.