Buse Kuğu


Buse joined Saunders Solicitors in September 2022 as a foreign lawyer/paralegal and before that she practised as a sole practitioner for 5 years in Istanbul, Turkey, excluding her trainee process. She is preparing completing the Solicitors Qualifying Examination (SQE) to become a solicitor in England and Wales.

Buse specialised in all aspects of Criminal Law and Extradition. As a Turkish lawyer, she has worked on a variety of cases in Criminal Law, Labour Law, Commercial Law, Enforcement and Bankruptcy Law and Family Law. She has also dealt with many cases as a conciliator in Criminal Law accredited by Department of Alternative Solutions.

Whilst Buse was a sole practitioner, she completed her Masters in Private Law.

Buse also attended many courses related with Women’s Rights and Children’s Rights. In addition, she provided an educational training course to help bring awareness to the general public of their criminal rights and what would occur if they are arrested for a crime. She has experience in managing every aspect of a case from beginning to end and is renound for her excellent client care.

Buse is fluent in both Turkish and English.